Carnivalesque By Duncan F

By February 4, 2017Uncategorized

The most anticipated time of the year is finally upon us. Carnival is back! That one weekend where all Maltese seek refuge on Gozitan soil for 3 days of sheer fun and mayhem. The celebrations represent a purging release of pure wilderness; where the entire island let’s loose for a weekend of untamed festivities. From colourful floats, bizarre costumes and grand parades to the most visually outrageous party themes to grace the local clubbing scene. Carnival is definitely one of the most iconic periods on the Maltese calendar.

One DJ who is well known for his artistic and imaginative approach is Duncan F. A musical veteran who’s perfect blend of art and expression showcases all that Carnival stands for. From his early days at XS to his more recent shenanigans at KU club, Duncan’s carnival experience speaks for itself. His plans for this year’s Gozitan escapade are more exciting than ever. With an Ancient Egyptian theme that is sure to spark creativity, Carnivalesque is the latest addition to this radiant journey of dance, groove and a whole lot of fun. We’ve exclusively interviewed the man himself to get all the key insights on why we should join in on the antics this Carnival at Maxtura

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